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RLC is a big church and is also a ‘small church’. Through the care groups, members have the opportunity for deeper fellowship. Newcomers are given a sense of belonging in a Care Group. A Care Group (or a Cell Group) is a mini church. It carries out the functions of a large congregation in many ways. It provides seven great opportunities:


Champs Ministry

Impart biblical truth through fun games, songs, and more to the next generation as they grow up to learn God’s Word and become leaders of their own generation and impact lives of their peers.

Be part of preparing the next generation for God’s mighty works through grace-filled and Christ-centered lessons.


Voices of Healing & Favor

Voice of Grace & Favor

The verses are taken from God’s promises from Genesis to Revelation. One or two psalms are fitted in between different Bible books. God speaks to us in the verious Bible books, while the Psalms are Spirit inspired prayers in response to His Word.

By Rev. Dr. Joshua and Rev. Dr. Carey Yee

Voice of Grace & Favour

Voice of Grace & Favour Chinese

God’s Word for Healing & Health

God’s Word in itself is full of healing power. It is not a matter whether you have enough faith to be healed. It is the power and potency of His Word. He is watching over His Word to perform it (Jer 1:12).

By Rev. Dr. Joshua Yee

Voice of Healing & Health

Voice of Healing & Health Chinese