Prophetic Thrusts

Prophecy by Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran, Nov 2007

I am going to bless the people doing business, the young people in your church, I am going to prosper them in a great measure.

As you teach them every week; week after week, I will surely bless them. The riches of the world are theirs.

So many are always eager to open new branches, new branches. I am so happy that you are not mad like that. You are all the time concentrating on your church, but it has missions all over the world. Yes, my blessings shall flow out of your church in every way.

Prophecy by Pastor Joseph Prince, Aug 2011

The anointing is upon this church to set many free. So be bold, be strong, be very courageous. Step forth and be strong and very courageous. For I will cause you to inherit, and you will cause others to inherit all that My Son died to give.

I see many works mushrooming all across Asia. I see, like a flood, a Tsunami, a light penetrating every darkness and God is saying, “This church will spearhead that move. Many will come forth from this place to preach Jesus has paid the price. It will be a loud clarion call, a full proclamation of the Gospel, like people have never heard it before and many will step into wholeness that they have been missing all this while, a wholeness that comes because of the full proclamation of the Gospel.”

Surely the time is at hand. Time is short. It’s now high time, the sons of Light shall go forth into every realm of darkness and cause the darkness to flee. Many will come in the light and the blood of Jesus Christ, My Son will cleanse them, and continually cleanse them from every sin.

Yes, saith the Lord, “be strong, very courageous, I will cause you to inherit, and you will cause many to inherit.”

God is saying, He will cause you to inherit first. So, pray for your Pastor’s success because God will cause him to inherit first and then, he will cause God’s people, to inherit. Amen.

Pray for your Pastor. Believe God that he will prosper in every area because the anointing oil will come on him, the beard and it will touch all the body, Amen.